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tev-Jackson6601@who-got-mail.com Fri Jan 23 02:53:49 2009
Seeking JACKSON family ties in Wilkin County, MN

Stiklestad United Lutheran Church

Darrell Trygstad Sat Jan 24 19:08:47 2009
Can someone recommend to me a source or sources for information on the history of the Stiklestad United Lutheran Church?
Thanks so much.
Darrell Trygstad
Lakeville, MN
(952) 435-1938


Marcia Dicks Fri Feb 20 06:32:33 2009
For Nancy Merrill: Could Phoebe MERRILL have left Alpena, MI without her husband Michael O'BRIEN? My Great Grandfather Michael O'BRIEN married Caroline JESKE when he was 35 yrs. old - I always wondered why he married so late in life - my records would indicate he was 18 yrs. old if/when he married Phoebe. I wondered if she left him in Alpena to move to MN?


Barbara Paroda Sun Apr 26 19:18:04 2009
I'm looking for information about Frederick E HOLDEN b1853 d? His wife E. Mary HOLDEN b1854 d 1929 lived in Beckenridge,Wilkin, Minnesota in 1880. Had 3 children Walter HOLDEN, Frederick A HOLDEN and Lydia R HOLDEN.


Vickie Nelson Mon May 18 19:57:33 2009
I am looking for someone that would have information about Riverside Cemetary that is located 2 miles north of Nashua on County Road 19. I would like to know if someone has a list of names of the people that are buried there. I am looking for the gravesite for a Donald Leroy BENSON that would have been buried there in December, 1936


b foxx Tue May 19 21:57:24 2009
Race of Hettie and William MESSER who lived in Wilkin County, MN about 1930.


Donnie Ruyle Thu Jun 11 09:11:25 2009
Need information in what Cemetery Andrew & Deborah are buried.
Death of Mrs. A. DENNISTON
Mrs. A. DENNISTON, mother of A. C. DENNISTON, died at her home in section 22, Germania Town early Saturday morning at the ripe age of 84 years. The deceased had made her home in Todd County, Minnesota for nearly 10 years and during that time made many friends in her immediate neighborhood through her kind and lovable disposition. After a funeral service at the house last Monday, the remains were taken to Aldrich and shipped from that station to Foxhome, Minn., the former home of the deceased. The family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.
Her Husband Andrew C. DENNISTON died 1927, Born 1830, Deborah Ellen born 1820, died 1910


Sally Rasmussen Sat Jun 13 15:18:22 2009
Would like to know anything about William L. ECKHART who died 31 October 1895 in Breckenridge, MN. We believe he ran a hotel or boarding house at sometime in the city. His wife's maiden name was Amelia Martha DENIEN. Believe this family was located near Long Prarie, MN.
Their daughter Libbie ECKHART married Robert T. RASMUSSEN 4 December 1907 in Breckenridge, MN.
Would be happy to share information with people who may be interested in these families. Sally


Linda Meichsner Sun Jun 21 16:20:39 2009
I am looking for information about John and Johanna ROECK's family who homesteaded in Wilkin County. I would also like to find out something about Johanna's family - Mickel and Mary WILKE.


Bob Poirier Wed Aug 5 18:31:44 2009
    Still looking for Charles Fletcher. His middle initial maybe F. Married to Lena Andrie 11/25/1903, 2nd marriage Theresa Rehm. Need info on his parents and origins. Thank You


Dorothy Nordenstrom Sat Sep 26 14:14:52 2009
    I am trying to find out information about my family. My father's name was George Mart Beireis. He was born September 22, 1891. He told me he had seventeen brothers and sisters all born in MN. His father and mother (my grandfather and grandmother) were Adam and Anna Beireis. My grandmother's maiden name was Anna Tillman. I would love to know any statistics you could provide me with.


JoAnne Alcorn Sat Oct 10 09:02:24 2009
    I am seeking the newspaper obituaries or funeral home records for Wilhelm and Augusta Tetzloff. Wilhelm (William) Tetzloff died 15 Oct 1929 in Wilkin Co. age 65 and Augusta Tetzloff, nee Ziemann died 15 Oct 1927 in Breckenridge age 58. The last residence known was Kent. They are buried in Mitchell Twp. Cemetery. If you can direct me to where I might find them, I'd appreciate it.


Jon Bakken Mon Oct 12 11:03:15 2009
    I'm looking for information about clergyman, minister, pastor of Gospel in Rothsay Village, Ulrik Dahl Johnson, born in Norway 1857. He served in the church in 1900, 1910 and 1920. He lived with his mother Hanna Anderson who died after 1920.
    Ulrik brought his nephew Haldor Christ Hanson, born in Norway 1887 to USA in 1905. Haldor was a fisherman at the West coast before he came to Rothsay and married Martha Moe in 1916. He work on the railroad in 1920 and was the city marshall in 1930.
    Children of Harold: Thelma Josephine 1918, Calmer Peder 1920, Uldrick 1923 and Gina Mabel 1925


Laura Folske Wed Oct 14 12:48:18 2009
Looking for hospital born in.


Georgia Fri Oct 23 12:07:09 2009
    I am looking for information on Christena Olson Plough, and her son George. Christena died in May 1906 and I would like to see her obituary.
    Her son George was born March 16, 1901. There was something wrong with him. IE: retarded, blind/deaf/dumb, etc. he was unable to care for himself. I have him living in Foxhome with his grandmother Kari Olson in 1910.
    If someone can give me some information on Christena (her obit)and her son George, I would appreciate it. Thank you


Linda Meade Slubowski Fri Oct 30 17:29:47 2009
    Horace / Harry A. Fleming and his family lived in Breckenridge in the 20's, 30's and died in 1956 still in Minnesota. Would love obits. on him and his wife and family. He was my gg grandmother's brother.
    Any info would be appreciated!


Jon Huttemier Sat Nov 21 10:42:07 2009
    I am the grandson of Anna Fritz. My father, Manville Huttemier (Huttemeier), was her only son. I would like to get a copy of her obituary. I think she passed away in 1969. Her father was Michael Casper and her mother's maiden name was Kathryn Hermes.
    I will be grateful for any information I can retrieve about her. Thank you


Nancy Holmes Mon Nov 30 21:25:03 2009
    My great great grandfather was Carlton Fuller who died in Rothsay Minnesota on October 18,1894 and his wife Fidelia Fuller died May 18,1908 in Rothsay. If anyone is related or has information please contact me. Sincerely, Nancy Holmes


Karen Clawson Thu Jan 14 22:49:12 2010
    Looking for informaion on William and Isabelle Roberts that were killed in a fire on 3/19/1914 in Wilkin County. I have copies of their obits but have heard rumors that they were murdered and their home was burned to cover it up. I was wondering if there were any further newspaper articles about this.


LE ROY Sat Jan 30 07:11:04 2010
    Looking for marriage certificate or newspaper article for marriage of Julia Merry and William Todd, in Wilkin County, very early 1870's.
    personal email westwardfrontier@yahoo.com cheers !


wendy Wed Feb 3 14:54:48 2010
Any info on the Helseth family.


Linda Meichsner Mon Feb 22 13:20:12 2010
I am looking for any information on Marie Louise Neumann who lived in Wilkin County and was married to Michael or Friedrich Michael Wilke or Wilkie. Neuman could have different spellings, also. Marie died on 8-19-1874.


Jan Putnam Mon Feb 22 19:27:05 2010
    I am wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to do an obituary lookup for Hiram Morgan PUTNAM which was published on front page of Gazette Telegram Breckenridge MN, July 15th, 1936. He is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Nashua, Champion twp, Wilkin Co. I have not been able to locate a death record for him in the MN State Death Records Index at mnhs.org, so perhaps he died out of state. Hiram's wife Winnie Emma (Williams) Putnam died in May 1910 in Ramsey Co., MN and is buried in Riverside Cemetery as well. I do not know if or where her obituary was published. ANY assistance on lookups on these 2 will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Jan Putnam Mon Feb 22 19:31:28 2010
I am wondering if anyone would be willing to do an obituary lookup for George H. Putnam - Wilkin Co. Obituary in Gazette Telegram Breckenridge MN, March 20, 1950, page 4. I believe that he was married more than once and one wife was Jennie Olson. Thank you.


JoAnn Savelkoul Tue Mar 30 22:01:52 2010
Mary Morbeck and her husband, Henry Joseph Savelkoul, had a very successful farm in Lansford ND Bottineau Co. Both died in the 1950s They are buried there in the St. John's Catholic cemetery north of town as are others of their family. My husband, Robert Savelkoul,is their grandson. We also farm in Lansford ND on a portion of that original farm.
    The Savelkoul heritage is Dutch. Do you know if Morbeck-Tenbruel is Dutch or German?


Mary Brothers Mon Jul 26 02:20:33 2010
Searching for obituary for Henry Zachow who lived in Breckenridge, MN from mid-1880s until his death 18 Jan 1925. He was a blacksmith for the railroad. Also obit for wife, Fredericks, who died 28 Oct 1930.


Susan Sun Aug 8 12:30:25 2010
    I'm looking for information on these two families;Henry [b:19 Jul 1863 D: 1 Nov 1938]& Elizabeth [Roering B:24 Feb 1865 D: 28 Feb 1942] BODSON; and John [b:28 Dec 1856 d:14 Oct 1937] & Maria 'Mary' [b:28 May 1862 d:19 May 1929] EHLERT. Obituaries would be nice along with any other info or pictures. Thank you.


Jean Stultz Thu Aug 19 11:07:05 2010
    obituary for Herbert Steele died 5/16/1918 son of Mmargaret Constans


Wanda Haugland Fri Sep 10 09:35:01 2010
    Iver Olson Berger owned a farm north of Rothsay. Emigrated to America in 1882 from Norway with wife Berte Elingsdatter and 4 children. Olava, Edvard, Marie and Karl. Looking for info on family.
    Also looking for marriage record of Marie Berger to Anton Mitbo circa 1891-1893 (my grandparents). Anton was born on Peter Christian Mitbo farm a few miles east in Otter Tail County.


katie hadfield Sun Sep 19 21:00:37 2010
My grandparents were Amund and Karen Monson.
My mother is Millie Monson(Hensen).
I have a family picture of the Monson Family, does anyone have pictures of them in younger days?
I hope so.
thanks Katie Hadfield


Bonee Fri Oct 29 22:46:30 2010
Looking for information on Anton Hanson (BD Dec 1848), his wife Annie Heline (BD July 1848) and their daughter Alma Hennriette born June 1885 and died in Rothsay, Minnesota May 1914. Alma was married to Joe Charlton and they lived in various townships in Wilkin County.


kathryn hadfield Fri Nov 5 11:49:47 2010
Looking for pictures of Amund monson and wife Karen Nymoen. They are my grandparents.
Also any pictures of any relatives of nymoen and Monson families.
Thanks Katie, gigatt3@sbcglobal.net


Greg Monroe Sun Nov 7 12:25:10 2010
My Uncle William H Monroe disappeared from his family about 1920. He had four brothers and his mother and father living in Los Angeles California. Nothing has been heard from him since. Just yesterday I was searching a new program and found that he died in Wilkin County on May 7, 1939. The index listed his father and mother Edward monroe and Nellie Olmstead. I,m looking for more inforation about how he died and if he lived in your state.
Any info would be helpful
Thank you Greg Monroe


bill otis Sat Nov 27 18:15:15 2010
Seeking information on these families in Wilkin County.


Kelly Mon Dec 20 07:48:11 2010
Is this thread still active? I just received some family information about the Peterka line. I'm a direct descendant from Martin Peterka (born in the late 1700's). I'm looking for a way to find Ivan Peterka who is listed as his living descendant in the Czech Repbublic. I live near Prague and plan to visit the villages near Veseli soon.


William Jarvis Sat Jan 15 17:14:32 2011
I am looking for Francis Jarvis who died in McCaulleyville, Minnesota in 1888. His wife was named Elizabeth. Is there any way to get any confirmation for me? How do I go about doing this?
Thank you,
William Jarvis


Betty Patterson Sun Feb 6 12:40:33 2011
I am looking to find an early plat map of Wolverton Township showing the location of school between 1890 and 1910.
Thank you.


Louise Mollot Mon Feb 14 11:42:13 2011
My great grandmother (Margaret Kenny nee Kane) was living with my grandfather John Keough in Wilkin, Township of Campbell in 1900 Census. She was 90 yrs old. I believe she passed away shortly after.
Would you have any record of her death? or where she would be buried?


Mary Williams Tue Mar 15 14:32:39 2011
My ancestor Moses Watson married to Lydia Stitzer lived in Sunnyside, Wilkin, Minnesota - I'm looking for descendants. Moses was born in Illinois and then lived in Iowa, his parents were from England. I believe Moses and Lydia had 6 children.


Michael Kirvan Sat Mar 26 20:19:44 2011
I'm looking for information on my grandfather James W. Kirvan. He left his family in Michigan and would like to find out what happened to him.


Beth Wed Jun 15 20:00:08 2011
I am seeking information about my great grandparents, Amund and Gulbjor (Jacobson) Johnson. My grandmother was born in 1884 in Wilkin County, so I know they were there at that time, but I have no other dates or info about them, except that I was once told they died in a flu epidemic in 1893 (I have no documentation on this). I do know that Amund was born in Sweden and Gulbjor was born in Norway. Any info appreciated.


Richard McElhoes Sun Jul 24 10:09:53 2011
I am looking for information on the death of Hubert BAKER and his daughter, Gladys. My information is that they were living in Breckenridge - that the year was 1898. Hubert was married to Patience Anne (Anderson) Baker at the time.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Dennis Stollenwerk Tue Aug 2 15:55:46 2011
I am looking for all information I can find on the Stollenwerk family(s) who lived in Brechenridge in the 1800's. Any names and/dates would be helpful.

John, Johann,Peter, Maria and others.

Thank You,
Dennis Stollenwerk


Patsy Levang Thu Sep 22 07:48:06 2011
Daily lives of Harry, Esther, and Alma olson


Barbara Paroda Tue Feb 28 10:10:08 2012
Looking for info on Frederick E.HOLDEN who lived in Wilkin Co. Breckenridge Minnesota and in Anoka between 1800-1900. He was born abt 1842. Wife was in the Anoka State Hospital in 1923-1928. Her name was Mary Elizabeth (HOMAN) HOLDEN born 1854.
Thank you for your help.


Stein Auestad Wed Apr 4 11:19:25 2012
Seeking descendants of Jans L Strand (1907 - 1968) and wife Irene, nee Lord. All information will be greatly appriciated.

Best regards,
Stein Auestad


Beth Nelson Pfiffner Mon Jul 9 17:44:20 2012
My grandmother's birth registration states she (Josephine Amelia Johnson) was born June 28, 1885, in Akron, Wilkin County. It states her parents were Amund Johnson of Sweden and Gulbjor Jacobson of Norway. I would appreciate any info about this family. I have heard the parents died and Josephine was adopted by another family.


John Peterson Mon Jul 23 16:52:15 2012
I am trying to get information about my parents, Harold AND Elanore PETERSON who owned a restaurant in Breckinridge for a short time, ca. 1950-52. The restaurant was named SAM'S CAFE. I was only 5-6 at the time, but I remember that Lash LaRue came to the Ridge Theatre while we lived there. I'd be interested in find out anything about the dates my parents owned the restaurant, and/or any news clippings from that time. My parents were not successful restauranteurs, and we soon moved back to the Twin Cities. I am now a Lutheran Pastor, retired, in Fort Wayne, IN.


Ron Soper Wed Aug 22 07:37:32 2012
Alfred and Caren Malingen family. I am Alma Malingen Soper's eldest grandson and would like information on the family. I know they lived in Lawndale, and Grandma had a sister who lived there. She also had a sister Hazel.


Beth Nelson Pfiffner Sat Dec 1 14:30:17 2012
My grandmother, Josephine Amelia Johnson, 1885-1978, told us that her parents died in a flu epidemic in 1892 or 1893. She said they lived in Rothsay although her birth form says she was born in Akron. I can find nothing on her parents, Amund Johnson (b.Sweden) or Gulbior Jacobson (b.Norway). Can anyone confirm that there was a flu epidemic at that time? Perhaps there is someway to search those records. Thank you!


Sandra Thu Jan 10 05:44:11 2013
Hello, I need some help!
We know that the brother of my great-grandfather emigrated to Minneapolis his name was Albert (Elbert) Tetzlaff, he had a son Konrad or Conrad born around 1918. Until 1962 they lived in this Street in Minneapolis: 3234 Girard Ave North.
They were in contact with family Bleck, Hugo and Amelia.


Paul Eckheart Wed Feb 6 09:58:20 2013
Trying to find any info I can on Charles Herbert ANDERSON who came to Wilkin's county in 1880. One of his children is my great-great grandmother Pauline Anderson on my dad's side. Just recently found out I may have relatives in the area and trying to find them.


Karen Clawson Tue Mar 12 19:35:20 2013
Looking for more information for William and Isabelle Roberts who died 3/191/1914 in a house fire. I have their obits, censuses, death certificates and names of their children but they both came from Canada at separate times and I've even unable to find their parents names. Any info would be appreciated!


Barbara FOSSEN Wed Apr 17 09:04:09 2013
Looking for the marr. rec. of Rose STAMPKA, b. June 1881 in WI. She lived with her parents, Albert & Maria STAMPKA in Atherton Twp, Wilkin CO, MN. She married Joseph MISH / MISCH ab. 1900. Thank you for your time. Barbara


Twila Ferguson Setter Sat May 11 11:45:21 2013
We have pictures of FERGUSON, MAX, STYF, REHER family picnics/reunions in the early 1950s that were held by a lake. The families would have lived in Wahpeton, Breckenridge, Rothsay, Foxhome area. Does anyone know what lake they might have gone to back then?


Ron ELVEBAK Sat May 11 16:58:58 2013
My grandfather changed his name from Hansen to Elvebak somewhere around 1913. I believe he was living in Wolverton at the time. Do you have any record of it?


Rick Mikkelson Tue Jul 30 17:06:07 2013
I am looking for information on Christian Otto Mikkelson, who lived in Dwight and Breckenridge, d. 1938. Worked in Wilkin County Court House. I am also looking for Halgrim S. Evjen, who owned a farm in Dwight, a house in Alexandria and a cottage on Ottertail Lake. He also died in 1938 or 1937


Tom McMillan Sat Oct 12 15:04:05 2013
My G Grandfather, William John McMillan, arrived in Breckenridge in 1879 from Ontario, to be a railway conductor for J J Hill. His wife, Anderson (Anne/Annie) and 8 children followed in 1880 and Margaret was born at Breckenridge. William John McMillan's naturalization was complete in Wilkin County in 1888. William John had a farm near the train station in Breckenridge, probably operated by his boys. My Grandfather, William John McMillan Jr, was born in Ontario in 1869, and I presume attended school at Breckenridge. I'm wondering if there would be any account of his schooling or of the family during the time at Breckenridge.
I don't have the ability to travel to Minnesota, unfortunately. Thanks so much!! Tom McMillan (Washougal, WA, USA)


Andrew Michaelsen Wed Jan 8 12:46:04 2014
I found the following information on your site. Hopefully these newspapers are available through interlibrary loan. If you have anybody in your office that is familier with this couple, the information would be greatly appreciated.

Marten DeVoll (Mrs. Henry)
Unknown 1923/6/13
Gazette Telegram Breckenridge, MN 1923/6/20
Page 1

Marten Henry
1862/3/19 1923/3/31?
Gazette Telegram Breckenridge, MN 1923/4/11
Page 4

Mr. Marten was the fourth child of John (Johann) and Anna (Johanna) Lindenberg Martens. Family and government records use Martens (church), Marten, Martins and Martin. His siblings were born in Farmersburg Township, Clayton County, Iowa, just outside of Garnavillo. John died in 1875 and the family separated between relatives. Some stayed in Clayton County, others headed to Plymouth County, Iowa and stayed. Others headed to western Minnesota and eastern South Dakota.

I plan to visit western Iowa, eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota next year to track down ancesters on my wife's side of the family. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


Clara Hafen Fri Feb 28 16:21:07 2014
Looking for a marriage license between August Carlson and Christine Ramstead from Rothsay in about 1886-87 as their first son was born in 1887.


Sylvia Purcupile Sun Mar 30 14:47:45 2014
According to the Federal Census, my grandfather, William Moore Pilgrim, was living in Prairie View, Wilkin Minnesota in 1920. He was listed as a farmer. I would like to know more about how long he lived there and what happened to his farm--and any other information that is available about him. Family legend says he sold his farm in Iowa and went to Minnesota to farm and lost all the family money on the venture. He committed suicide in 1932, a year before I was born. The family never spoke about him. As a child I heard only hints and rumors. Whatever information you can offer would be appreciated.


Rebecca Strine Sat Apr 26 07:29:20 2014
I am trying to find information on the early Minnesota immigrants from Germany with the STEWLOW surname. Please see the names I am interested in below:

August Stewlow
birth: 1853 Germany
immigration: 1881
spouse: Wilhelma A Stewlow

Wilhelma A Stewlow
birth: 1853 Germany
immigration: 1881
spouse: August Stewlow

Fred Stewlow
birth: 1864 Germany
residence: 1910 Bradford, Wilkin, Minnesota, United States
immigration: 1885
spouse: Caroline Stewlow

Caroline Stewlow
birth: 1876 Germany
residence: 1910 Bradford, Wilkin, Minnesota, United States
immigration: 1897
spouse: Fred Stewlow

Minnie A Stewlow
Minnesota, State Census, 1905
birth: 1888 Germany
census: 1905 Western township, Otter Tail, Minnesota


Kevin Todd Tue Nov 18 05:49:49 2014
I'm looking for any information regarding Ovid B Todd of Breckenridge. He may be my great grandfather. Also looking for Walter William Todd(grandfather)

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